Learn How The Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique offered in Pensacola Can Help You Get Better

Chiropractors are skilled at what they do considering how much training and education they get along the way. One of the many methods that some of them apply to help patients like you is the Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique. If you’re currently suffering from neck pain, back pain, or pain which travels down your legs or arms, then this particular technique might be the secret to getting pain relief and having your quality of life restored.

In this particular technique, a chiropractor carefully and gently makes adjustments to the patient’s spine in order for it to heal naturally. It’s created using ideas coming from the fields of both osteopathy and chiropractic work. This methodology should offer quick relief from leg and lower back pain. You might even be able to avoid surgery. As you relax easily on a distinctly designed table, your chiropractor offers you the hands-on treatment that you’re likely used to from chiropractic care while he or she stretches out your spine and lower back. Many patients report that this work actually feels kind of good and that the relief which they get is rather immediate as it relates to the pain they might have been experiencing prior to the treatment.


What can the Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique do for you?

The emphasis of the Cox Flexion/ Distraction technique is supposed to expand any available space between your spinal bones through the application of traction and mild stretching to your lower back. The chiropractor will use moving parts of his or her table in order to create separation in the various parts of the spine. This is what permits the growth of some disc space in between the many bones inside the patient’s back. This can re-establish the precise alignment of the vertebrae, which should increase the potential range of motion that someone might have lost previously.

Cox Flexion Technique PensacolaOne thing that makes the Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique useful is how it combines gravity with mild manipulation to get the patient’s spine moving through what would be considered a typical range of motion. Unlike some techniques, this one doesn’t involve extreme pressure or quick thrusts. Most patients wind up feeling instant relief thanks to this treatment. As a matter of fact, this particular method is quite widely recognized for its ability to decrease pressure in the spinal discs. It’s also well-known for how it expands the spinal canal and improves the posture of a patient. Chiropractors also like using it because it can diminish the pressure put on spinal nerves and promote improved circulation. It’s even known to advance communication that happens between the spinal nerves. This should result in a lot less pain for the patient, on top of generally better levels of broader health.

If you think that the Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique might be something you could take advantage of, you should consult your chiropractor about it. At the time of writing, only 56 percent of chiropractors offer it, but Dr. Rob Thomson of Dr. Rob Chiropractic in Pensacola is one of them. He’s one of the chiropractors whose practice has the table that is necessary for the performance of this particular technique. This technique was originally developed by Dr. James M. Cox, which is why it’s named after him. It’s also sometimes referred to or listed as the Cox Technic. It was designed to be a non-force and gentle adjustment procedure that helps the spine heal naturally. Among all the techniques that chiropractors use, it’s one of the most well-researched options, and certainly among the most effective.

Dr. Cox designed the special table used in this particular technique. It’s got moving parts that can create effective separation between various spinal parts. Along with gentle pressure and decompression, a chiropractor is able to restore increased disc height in between the vertebrae. This is a lot like reversing the compression that happens to the spine as someone ages, gains weight, gets injured, lives a sedentary lifestyle, or just succumbs to the effects of gravity over time. Most people are tallest when they first get up in the morning since standing up over the course of the day shrinks the spaces between the vertebrae. Decompression of the spinal column is what restores spinal joints to their appropriate alignment, bring the range of motion back to where it should be. Your chiropractor can adjust various parts of the table in order to temporarily neutralize the impact of gravity before applying gentle pressure, without quick thrusts.

The specific benefits of the Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique include but are not limited to reduced pressure inside the spinal discs, a widening of the spinal canal, and improved posture. Pressure on the spinal nerves is reduced, which increases both nerve communication and circulation. The improved range of motion doesn’t just benefit the spinal joints, but also the arms, shoulders, and legs.


Given the gentle and unforced nature of this technique, it’s sometimes a good choice for any patients in rehabilitation or recovering from spinal surgery. It’s highly regarded for its effectiveness in pain relief, helping many patients avoid spinal surgery. It’s also frequently useful in pain reduction related to sciatica, ruptured discs, slipped discs, and herniated discs.

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