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About the Gonstead Technique

Chiropractic treatments are very effective when it comes to chronic back, hip, shoulder, or neck pain. People believe that this treatment is beneficial for bone joints and the spine, but if you explore the benefits of chiropractic care, you will know that it offers a lot of other pain-relief options. One of the popular types of treatments in this category is the Gonstead Technique.

Understanding the Gonstead Technique offered in Pensacola by Dr. Rob Chiropractic

The pelvis essentially forms the body’s foundation. It consists of crucial bone structure such as the lower bones of the back and the hip bones. These offer optimal balance and stability to the spinal column. However, due to injury if any of the vertebrae or the pelvic girdle rotates or tilts, it can cause significant changes in the body. The misalignment pressurizes the discs separating the vertebrae. Unfortunately, the overall experience is very painful, and often the pain is so severe that many resort to taking painkillers. The best way to treat this condition is through the Gonstead Technique.

This chiropractic technique involves balancing the intervertebral discs and the body’s structural foundation. Your chiropractor will diagnose the spinal column and try to bring back the stability and maximum balance by leveling the legs, vertebrae, and pelvis.

If you are searching for a reliable chiropractor who can perform the Gonstead Technique, then look no further because Dr. Rob Chiropractic in Pensacola will ensure that your pain goes away once he diagnoses your condition. Dr. Rob Thomson is one of the best chiropractors operating in Pensacola, Florida with years of experience under his belt. Apart from the Gonstead Technique, he also provides brain-based therapies, nutritional counseling, spinal decompression, physical therapy, and various other services.

His knowledge of chiropractic care allows him to understand the precise area where the patient is feeling the pain. Intervertebral misalignment, motion disturbances, foundation unleveling, and nerve dysfunction – these are some of the issues that he considers while providing Gonstead chiropractic healthcare.

Treating with Gonstead Technique in Pensacola

The chiropractor performs a full spine radiograph before proceeding with the Gonstead treatment. This test analyses the measurements of the affected area. It allows the chiropractor to limit the treatment to that area only. Some of the other examination procedures also include dynamic and static palpation of paraspinal bone structure and the related soft tissues, posture and gait of the patient, visualization of spinal motion, signs of inflammation in the affected area, and monitoring the paraspinal skin temperature.

The Benefits of The Gonstead Technique offered in Pensacola – Dr. Rob Chiropractic

Gonstead chiropractic care offers a wide range of benefits to the patients, some of which go beyond pain-relief to keep them healthy in the future. Here are a few benefits discussed below:

  1. Reduces inflammation in osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is very painful. When the bones swell, it becomes a sorry sight for everyone. But chiropractors who use the Gonstead Technique can cure this problem to a certain extent. It is a safe treatment that allows Dr. Thomson to adjust the position of the bones in the affected area. The swelling and inflammation reduce significantly if you attend all the sessions. It is suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, and even children.

  1. Keeps migraines and headaches away

It may come as a surprise, but Gonstead treatment can keep migraine and tension headaches away. Experts believe that the headache is often related to the pain in the spine. When the pain increases, it spreads to several parts of the body including the temple. That is why patients experience searing headaches whenever their pelvic structure is disturbed. Research shows that almost 32% of patients who had headaches and were suffering from Gonstead issues responded brilliantly to chiropractic care. 90% of these patients reported that both their back pain and headache went away after attending a Gonstead Technique session with a chiropractor.

  1. Improves neurological conditions

The cervical adjustments during Gonstead chiropractic care affect many brain-based conditions positively. MRI scans of many patients reveal that their blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow have significantly increased after a prolonged session. Depending on the condition of the injured area, a chiropractor such as Dr. Rob Thomson in Pensacola would recommend the time and the number of sessions that the patient needs to attend. Gonstead issues can lead to epilepsy and seizures if the patient doesn’t get proper care. The vertebral subluxation causes these issues, and it is wise to get in touch with an experienced chiropractor immediately to reverse the condition.

Disturbances in the pelvic girdle can lead to severe health conditions including a bent back for the rest of your life. It is essential to treat this problem as soon as possible. And, if you are in Pensacola, Florida, you need to go see an experienced chiropractor such as Dr. Rob Thomson. He is there to help you. Dr. Robs experience in various chiropractic treatments makes him a leader in this business. Consult with him, and you can be assured that your Gonstead issue will go away quickly.

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