Neck Pain and How Chiropractic Treatment in Pensacola Can Help

Neck Pain Pensacola

Our lifestyles today often entail hours of driving, hunching over our desks and other activities that can take a toll on our necks. Neck pain is one of the most common conditions that chiropractors treat and even though it is less common compared to low back pain, millions experience it at some stage of their lives.

Neck pain occurs when soft tissue- nerves, ligaments, muscles as well as the joints and bones of the spine are injured. When you experience neck pain, what sometimes can feel like a pulled muscle, chances are you have a facet joint sprain, ideally known as facet joint syndrome.

Of course, there can be another reason for neck pain, and that’s why thorough knowledge and understanding is essential in order to precisely diagnose and treat the issue. That’s why chiropractors have at least 4 years of training to specialize in joint and muscle problems.

Here Are Several Neck Pain Conditions That Call For The Assistance Of A Chiropractor:

Neck Pain – Cervical Facet Joint Syndrome

Cervical Facet Joint Syndrome is perhaps the most common condition that causes neck pain. Muscle involvement isn’t uncommon and it can occur in conjunction with other problems like disc injuries.

Cervical Muscle Strain

This can occur when you overuse or overtrain a muscle. However, the tear of the neck muscles is rare. The most common cause of muscle tear or sprain is a traumatic injury like a whiplash injury.

This happens when you move the neck so far that the joints and ligaments are involved. However, the pain is usually associated with a ligament or joint injury. The muscles get into a protective spasm when the pain originates from another source.

Cervical Lateral Stenosis

This is a condition that’s caused by the wear and tear of the spine, ideally known as spondylosis. It happens if spurs form and narrow the region where the spinal nerve is located, thus giving rise to symptoms like tingling, weakness in the arm, and numbness.

What To Do To Relieve Neck Pain

There are various things that you can do at home, including using ice on the inflamed area, ensuring you are using a firm pillow and doing light exercises. However, it is important to know when you should consult a chiropractor.

Chiropractors, such as Dr. Rob Thomson in Pensacola, Fl,  specialize in neck pain treatment. After x-rays and physical exams, they attempt to restore motion to the stiff joints via a chiropractic care plan that often includes chiropractic adjustments, neck exercises as well as physiotherapy.

You should see a chiropractor if:

-You can’t look right or left without severe neck pain.

-Your neck pain does not improve after several days

-Your neck pain began in the neck, but now you’re feeling numbness or tingling in your hands.

-You are worried that the pain may have a severe case.

-Your neck pain is worse when you wake up but starts to gradually alleviate throughout the day.

Neck pain can be a real discomfort and should be addressed as soon as possible. Get in touch with Dr. Rob Chiropractic today for all your chiropractic neck pain concerns.